à La garçonne

I cut my hair like a boy because I'm damn proud of being a girl. There is something magical about the female spirit I believe. Heard a Tanoura dancer talking about spirituality and said that her body's density is lighter than man's and so her soul is more in touch with the energy of the [...]

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Why am I still here

I have a dream... That Egypt becomes the best place to grow as a person, both economically and spiritually... That it would have the best universities within student cities scattered from Upper Egypt to the North Coast, and our kids would sit side by side with international students from all over the world... and all [...]

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Just Do Good

What is charity/ volunteering?It is doing what is right regardless of the reward or the punishment. What is not volunteering/ charity? It is not only the act of the rich who give away their extras and it’s not only the act of free people who have plenty of spare time. Volunteering is not an occasional [...]

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Super Human

you have a life to live, that means you will get and you will give. you will have loads of work to do and many people to take care of too. you should have a goal, the purpose of your existence. And the only way to realize it is to work at it with persistence. [...]

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Green Space

A garden is somewhere you could be out and yet safe. Its a naturally padded earth. you could run and fall & not get hurt, you could spill water without having to wipe it up. A garden is somewhere you could smoke and exhale in the open air, its a place you can enjoy doing [...]

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