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I cut my hair like a boy because I’m damn proud of being a girl.

There is something magical about the female spirit I believe. Heard a Tanoura dancer talking about spirituality and said that her body’s density is lighter than man’s and so her soul is more in touch with the energy of the universe… She has stronger instinct and deeper bonds with other people, nature and God. But when I tell you the word ‘girl’ you see long hair and a pretty face. Some see this vulnerable being that constantly needs protection and attention. So what if I reduce that image a little by shorter hair and a stronger attitude… Would you then be able to see the girl within? Enduring but not afraid to show her emotions. Has stamina yet flexible and easy going. Empathetic towards people and other creatures. Can play mixed roles and personalities without being a hypocrite. Can provide unconditional love and loyalty and has the ability to forgive easily. Bases her Decisions on rational reasons and irrational emotions. The connector, the good listener and the teacher…
if my momma could ask me before I was born ‘baby, what do you wanna be?’ I’d say ‘a girl’ every time… But sadly we live in a society that can make you curse the day you were born a girl. So girls, let’s not waste our time painting our nails… Let’s start being REAL girls instead.

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