Why am I still here

I have a dream… That Egypt becomes the best place to grow as a person, both economically and spiritually… That it would have the best universities within student cities scattered from Upper Egypt to the North Coast, and our kids would sit side by side with international students from all over the world… and all those Egyptians who left would come back because this is the optimum decision for an Education.

I have a dream that it would be the most dynamic and fertile market to grow your own business. Egypt has the potential to become a hub for innovative small and medium enterprises and a home for creative entrepreneurs.

I have a dream that foreigners would have to wait a month in order to get the visa to travel to Egypt, because people are flooding from all over the world to get some of its magic. And we will have the most ethnicity enduring culture in the world.

And it won’t be anything like London, because it’s not cold here and no one is rushing before their toes freeze…. and nothing like NewYork, we’re not obsessed with paying rent here… and nothing like Dubai; we won’t have culture-less art here…

Egypt will have its own theme… its own pace and its own vibe.

We will teach the world hospitality, simplicity and generosity. We will introduce humor to their stress and long talks to their loneliness.

Egypt could have mega malls with 100% Egyptian shops and cafes… the most affordable day to day life and of course… free electricity generated by the abundant solar energy!

I have a dream that there will be no more brain drain, no more drama of parting with people we care for because they’re off to have a better future somewhere at a world’s end!

So will you build that dream with me now?

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