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What is charity/ volunteering?It is doing what is right regardless of the reward or the punishment. What is not volunteering/ charity? It is not only the act of the rich who give away their extras and it’s not only the act of free people who have plenty of spare time. Volunteering is not an occasional deed, nor is it an annual religious obligation. Charity is not just the tips you give to the guy in the parking lot nor is it just the biscuit you give to the beggar.

Actually, I am not going to lecture you about what charity and volunteering are. I am here to ask you to figure that out for yourselves. All I am positive about is that it comes out of good intentions and it should be done with consistence. It’s not the most selfless act in the world by the way because we gain so much out of doing charity. We gain experience, we gain a leadership opportunity, we widen our circles of contacts, we learn how to communicate and we discover ourselves in the contrast of our lives against other lives that are less privileged. On top of all this, it’s provides you a dose of gratitude, it fills you up with endorphins.

Don’t we live our entire lives trying to make ourselves happy? Surrounding ourselves constantly with family and friends, buying clothes and getting an education that adds up to us, we want to be successful in order to reach happiness.

Happiness is in a way or another our lives’ target. Those who have tried charity know so well that it is not the most selfless act, because it’s a short cut to happiness.

Now I am not going to tell you what to do for charity, I am not you. I do not know what you are capable of, how much spare time you got, what’s there in your neighborhood you could help. Even if I knew all that and I told you what you could do for charity, someone would say “the orphanage next to your house is sponsored by all the rich families that surround it, people in upper Egypt have no roof on top of their heads”. Well that is so true, but can you go to Upper Egypt? Can you communicate with the people there? Do you have enough money to build a roof? Do you have a credible source to send that money with?

Then again, who says that there are kids who we should help first? Should we help the kids in our religion first? The kids in Egypt first before Somalia? The orphans before the street children? The healthy but poor kids before the disabled? Should we put money in building a hospital or building a school? Should we give jackets or blankets in winter?

As a matter of fact, there is no right or wrong answer because all these matters are relative. For example, if there are kids who suffer from depression in Europe and others suffering from a famine in Africa, we cannot be the judge and say this problem is bigger than the other. It is all a matter of relativity. Perhaps if you help the kids with the depression they will find meaning in their lives and becomes the advocates for change and reach those kids in Africa.

It is how you make sense of the world around you that will take you to the best kind of charity you could do.When you figure that out… Let it become a mindset, a way of life, that you want to help, that you want to do good.

I cannot preach about this topic even though I practiced it, but I was not consistent enough like I promised I would be. What I did though was become a promoter for the act I was doing, I was teaching English in an orphanage, now 2 of my friends teach French! I believe that becoming the entrepreneur to start an act and then finding successors for that act is better than not starting at all in fear that you will not be able to finish it. If not start an act, then at least promote for the cause you think is important, as marketing is always the biggest factor of success to anything.

When you do figure that act out,do not give it much thought, just do it. Wither if you are going to teach a grown up how to calculate their taxes or fix a girls make up on her wedding day, maybe collect valid unused medicine from your family every month and donate it, or books or clothes or toys. Whatever it is, just do it.

Because it would mean the world to someone else, because the world needs someone like you with your enlightened mind and pure soul and because you need it!

You need it to add meaning to your life, add value to who you are and to guarantee yourself a good spot near a river of wine beneath a chocolate tree in heaven.

Enough listing reasons now… just do good.

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