Super Human

you have a life to live, that means you will get and you will give. you will have loads of work to do and many people to take care of too.
you should have a goal, the purpose of your existence. And the only way to realize it is to work at it with persistence.
But then comes those factors of life called obstacles that will meet you along the way. It could be anything, even yourself and they all lead to the same delay.
Even the most self-motivated have their moments of defeat. Even the ones with the strongest will power could stumble and fall. Some will rise with more experience, energy and heat. But most will ask whats the point of it all?
My question is what brings someone back on his feet, what could talk him into getting back and standing tall? At the end of the day we are so weak, ignorant and vulnerable. While the hardships of life are hardly tolerable.
So listen up as I reach my conclusion… with the experiences of my short life I’ve reached this resolution… However, keep in mind that there is no such thing as the ultimate solution…
The factor that would keep us moving forward regardless of all the odds, is a factor that would make us super human. It fills us with more stamina, strength and determination. It makes us enjoy the work that needs to be done and live day by day with the same amount of admiration. That factor is love and love is all it is, once you grasp why, I promise you it doesn’t get simpler than this.
You see, love extends us beyond ourselves and gives us that extra push. If the one we truly love always has our back… For better or worse, for when we fly or when we crack… we could keep moving forward infinitely by only a word, touch, kiss or pat on the back.
It could be your mentor, brother or lover. Could be your best friend, mother or even your role model.
some would say that the strongest source of love would be from a lover since you would be entwined together. But what if it didn’t last forever?
Your dream is yours and so are you, so don’t lose your self what ever you do.
but i still insist on love being the solution.
the most motivating bitter sweet intrusion.
So ask yourself, if you were about to fall… who would you turn to?
But most importantly who would seek to turn to you?

F. Abdelbaki
13/ 4/ 2013

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