Green Space

A garden is somewhere you could be out and yet safe. Its a naturally padded earth. you could run and fall & not get hurt, you could spill water without having to wipe it up. A garden is somewhere you could smoke and exhale in the open air, its a place you can enjoy doing nothing and call it start gazing. You could show a friend your cartwheel or a dance.

Take a step back and you will realize, its simply a green space.

Its a like a desk for your body, where you can study moves, scribble around with a ball, day dream & stare at the night sky ceiling.

Clean out your workspace and turn it into green space where you can escape the indoors of your mind, bring out your favorite childhood activities, use crayons, colors and pictures. Write a poem, play a song, dance, impersonate, write a short story, or even a note for yourself, recycle some old materials into something more useful.

Clear out your workspace and give away what you don’t need. Make it as alive as you are, as dynamic as your brilliant mind, as up dated to your life as possible.

Clear your workspace from bias, the opinions of others, foreign ideas that don’t suit you, empty mugs and old receipts.

Have fun, open up, be productive, innovative and adventurous. Try things you know you would most probably fail at and watch yourself improving by the day!

Your workspace is your mind’s backyard, wanna go for a BBQ?

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